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Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving Day to enjoy with your families and loved ones. #IAFF #UFLAC #Thanksgiving ... See MoreSee Less

Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving Day to enjoy with your families and loved ones. #IAFF #UFLAC #Thanksgiving

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until you get fired!

Local Fox 11 News story about three LAFD Firefighters who work at Fire Station 9 in Skid Row - the busiest fire station in America. These firefighters, along with hundreds of other UFLAC members, face possible termination because of the vaccine mandate. The loss of any firefighters and paramedics will cripple what is already the most understaffed big city fire department in America. #IAFF #UFLAC

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I can only speak for myself and want you to know I was an antivacer for a long time. I am a firefighter in Nor Cal and have been for over 40 years. All was good until two engine companies came down with the Covid, myself included. One of our FF died as a result of the virus and I became a long hauler w symptoms lasting 8 weeks. Today we mourn our brother FF. I am fully recovered now and back to running calls. I have also gotten my first jab and look forward to my second. I don’t condemn you but urge you to get the jab, stay healthy, and do what you truly love, Firefighting. I’m glad you have recovered from your horrific accident.

I can't blame them I know several people who had bad reactions to these vaccines some very serious. I had the vaccine as my oncologists (yes I have 2) highly recommended it I was fortunate not have much of reaction. I also know a few people who have had 3 doses & have no antibodies what so ever due to the treatment they are in

Ya I heard OCFA is hiring, no vax 💉 requirement….

Very sad..what this Govt now under JB s part of terrorist for humanity..slowly their trying to suffer our workers

Hold the line!

That's why they need to get their shots to protect others a little reaction to shots is better than dead

No one should be forced to take anything they don’t want.

How many more do they think they can afford to lose a firefighters you need to gain more instead of lose more don't listen to the politicians

Yes freedom of or death take one!!!

ONLY SHEEPS COMPLY! We will eventually get Gavin Newscum out of here! Slow process because corruption doesn’t takes time to clean up.

Take the vaccine jerks.

Ignorance is not blessed 🥲

You are no longer willing to serve anyone but yourself, get the shot or go work somewhere like Home Depot. That job doesn’t require an oath.

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UFLAC President Freddy Escobar appears on NBC4 News Conference with Conan Nolan to discuss the city’s vaccine mandate. In what is already the most understaffed big city fire department in the country, the LAFD cannot afford to lose any firefighters to suspension or termination because of this mandate.

To view the complete interview click here:
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Also what happened to the Hipa law of Privacy! So Outrageous that these People are All being targeted for their Freedom of Choice 😡🙏🇺🇸🙏

Good for him to back freedom of choice

Freddy your a gutless piece of crap. Did you go on vacation😡. We’re are you?

Standing united for our veterans who have served our country with pride, integrity and heart. To our veterans, we thank you for your service. #VeteransDay ... See MoreSee Less

Standing united for our veterans who have served our country with pride, integrity and heart.  To our veterans, we thank you for your service. #VeteransDay

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Not one Chief!!!

UFLAC firefighters gathered to ask Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council to continue to work with us in good faith to find a compromise that will prevent the possible termination of LAFD Firefighters due to the vaccine mandate.

Time after time - and especially over the last 20 months of this pandemic, our firefighters have stood strong with the City and now we’re asking the City to stand with us. The LAFD is already severely understaffed and cannot afford to see any cuts that will have severe consequences on our ability to serve the people of Los Angeles. #IAFF #UFLAC
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First responders need to walk off the job. Let people call Fauci when they need a COP or fire fighter. Hell the vaccine will protect you from everything. At least that’s what Biden and Fauci say….and there are those that actually believe that. I lived in California for almost 40 years. I finally had enough of California stupidity and park my crap and left 4 years ago. Never been happier.

This government is taking over freedom of rights

You got what you voted for, live with your consequences !! No sympathy here, this was self induced on your part ! The IAFF supported Brandon, and now you’re mad.


Get vaccinated, problem solved!

Well if you are vaccinated why are you so worried about the unvaccinated if the vaccine works

WHERE IS 'the Scarlet Pimpernel' GARCETTI? Have not seen or heard from him in months! I heard that he went to INDIA as an 'Ambassador' ( What?!!). I hope he does better at that than his job of LA Mayor! BTW, Eric, we have homeless still here on our streets. We need one of your fine, inspiring speeches right now. You know, the ones you give and then DO NOTHING!

You guys should get vaccinated you should show the people what the right thing to do is

Shut up and get the shot or find other work.

That sad don't take there bait,people is pass away, because they were vaccinated to

Please get vaccines is for your own good and your family you guys need to gives some good example

Feel free to resign your jobs, good opportunity for the city to hire intelligent fire fighters.

The vaccine doesn't even work! People can still get C19 People got suckered in taking the jab, Bill Gates said the other day that he wasn't happy with the way the vaccine is working and is going to come out with a new vaccine. The vaccine has already killed over 17 thousand people but the fake deep state media isn't reporting it! Fake news is the people's enemy!!

This Workes should not lost their's Jobs, it not fear

If I don't have my kids vaccinated I can't enroll my kids in the school, who is complaining. Get vaccinated or look a job in the private sector..

I think you're all should get vaccinated and show the public

elections have consequences

Everyone should be vaccinated. It is good for everyone.

Getting vaccinated would solve it

You voted for the piece of s*** now live with it

Vaccine that doesn't protect, why is everyone forced to be vaccinated? who is the real beneficiary of this mandate?

99% of California's firemen and cops voted for 'Biden' and Newsom, because their democrates, now we see them getting screwed over and complaining over nothing more than their own stupidity

Support your firefighters. Vote out Newscum and the evil dictators who are doing this.

You're big mistake was supporting Garshitty in the first place !

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