BULLETIN 17 – Member Alert

Bulletin 17 – 22
May 6, 2022



UFLAC has been informed that decisions are now being made regarding the Vaccination Exemption Requests that many of our members have submitted. It is our understanding that Exemption Denial letters will be emailed directly to individual members if and when their request has been denied.

Please know that any members who plan to appeal an Exemption Denial must do so within 5-business days of the notification date that you receive from Bluestone. We have been informed that any appeal submission made after 5-business days will not be accepted.

The Department has informed UFLAC that any members who receive an Exemption Denial and decide not to appeal will be required to receive their first/final dose of a single-dose vaccine regimen within 14 calendar days of the notification date and their second dose of a dual-dose regimen within 28 days of receiving the first dose.  The Department also notified UFLAC that members who fail to comply with these requirements will be placed off-duty without pay for failure to meet a condition of employment.

Executive Board
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, Local #112