January 14, 2022
Bulletin 3 – 22


Dear Members,

After constant discussions between UFLAC and the Department, the Department has finally agreed to stop deducting time from your sick time bank when members call in SK/FE on recall day.

Additionally, as the Coded Assign Hire Program ends, the Department will essentially have two mechanisms remaining to force hire members, the old assign hire process found in F590 instructions and recall. The Department has indicated they have little confidence that the old AH system will cover the vast amount of vacancies and also, are not currently programmed in NSS to utilize that system. As such, members should be prepared for a “force hire” system that relies mostly on recall.

As previously stated, the Department and UFLAC will soon be meeting to solely discuss how to provide proper relief to this staffing nightmare.

In Solidarity,

UFLAC Executive Board