July 22, 2022
Bulletin 32 – 22



UFLAC is aware of the miscalculation of the cash bonus for PLATOON duty members and we are working with the ERO and other city officials to confirm a date in which members can expect a payment of the difference in amount. We understand that this mistake has caused some confusion. However, the city has told us that their error will be fixed.

It appears the error was made by calculating the amount using an 80-hour work week for ALL members. At this time, we have not received any calls regarding errors in the cash payments for members assigned to Special Duty.

Members on Platoon Duty were erroneously paid based off a 40-hour work week instead of 56. The formula below can be used to figure out the correct amount and members can expect to be paid the difference.

(Hourly Rate × 112) x 26.1 = Annual Rate x .0675 = Total Cash Bonus (to be paid in 2 equal payments). If you apply the above calculation using 80 in place of 112, you should come up with the amount paid on the current paycheck.

If there is still a question in the accuracy of your payment, outside of what is mentioned above, please contact payroll or the UFLAC office at (800) 252-8352.

We will keep you posted with any new information on this issue and will continue to ensure that this mistake will be corrected as soon as possible.

In Solidarity,

Executive Board
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, Local 112