September 29, 2020
Bulletin 36 – 20


Los Angeles Firefighters Association Makes Motion to Dissolve Association with CSFA

The Los Angeles City Firefighters Association (LAFFA) was established in 1924 to represent the members of the LAFD. LAFFA is also a strong supporter of improving the training of its membership and looks forward to developing programs that assist in promotional development of its members. LAFFA is a proud organization that has a long history of hosting the Firefighter of the Year luncheon and supporting our LAFD Firefighters. By dissolving our association with the CSFA, LAFFA will be able to redirect the money given to CSFA to help pay for things like the training and professional development of our LAFD Members.

A motion at the February meeting was made to dissolve our association with CSFA as of 2021. The LAFFA Board will be voting on this motion at their next monthly meeting on October 7, 2020. Your UFLAC Executive Board is asking members attend the meeting and vote on the motion for LAFFA to break ties with CSFA and concentrate on the exclusive needs of the LAFFA membership.

Of the dues paid to CSFA, over 60% goes to K Street Consulting for the management of CSFA. This leaves very little in the way of benefits to our active members. It is incomprehensible for us to ask our members to spend the majority of their dues to pay for CSFA management.

We are encouraging UFLAC members to reply to the survey email sent out by LAFFA and to attend the October 7th meeting to take back control of the funds that we have been giving to the CSFA.


UFLAC Executive Board