Bulletin 47 – 22
September 27, 2022


On Monday, September 26, UFLAC hosted the final round of interviews for the two remaining candidates for Mayor of Los Angeles – Congressmember Karen Bass and Businessman Rick Caruso.

We had more than 100 members attend the interviews, ask questions of both candidates, and then make their decision regarding their preference for a UFLAC endorsement.

After the votes were cast and tallied by three independent monitors, Rick Caruso is the officially endorsed candidate of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112.

This was a big decision in an extremely important election and the majority of our members present at the interviews and subsequent vote have spoken.

We congratulate Rick Caruso for presenting a vision for the future of Los Angeles that earned him this endorsement. We look forward to working with him in the weeks to come leading up to the November 8 election and we believe that he can provide the leadership that the City of Los Angeles desperately needs.

We want to thank Congressmember Karen Bass who participated in our process from start to finish and was a class act throughout.

Thank you to our IAFF brothers Kevin Aguayo and Anthony McHale from Ventura County Fire Local 1364 and retired Long Beach Fire Local 372 member / current IAFF Trustee Tony Mejia for helping to serve as the Sergeant At Arms and for providing an independent collection and tabulation of the votes.

Most importantly, thank you to all members who participated in this very important process.

In solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board