Bulletin 5 – 20 Everyone Goes Home Symposium

January 31, 2020
Bulletin 5 – 20

Everyone Goes Home Symposium

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is proud to announce the first annual “Everyone Goes Home” Symposium with our Fire Service partners of Los Angeles County Fire Department, Orange County Fire Authority, Long Beach Fire Department and Ventura County Fire Department(s).

MISSION STATEMENT: “The Fire Service is committed to reducing firefighter fatalities and serious injuries by systematically addressing threats to firefighter safety and well – being in a comprehensive way with a focus on constant awareness.”

The LAFD along with our Fire Service and Labor Organization partners will be delivering a two-day symposium to discuss current issues on Firefighter Health and Safety in conjunction with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) “Everyone Goes Home” Initiatives. This two-day event will include the same topics and discussions each day to share Information and Training to professional firefighters.

This Symposium is scheduled for February 5th and 6th at Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center from 8am until noon (Members need only attend one day).

Covering topics by Industry subject matter experts in the following:

  1. Fire Dynamics/UL Study for Todays’ Firefighting challenges
  2. Post Structure Fire Decontamination / Cancer Awareness
  3. Behavioral Health

These measures will be reinforced by an ongoing commitment to improving our culture of safety at the organizational level and among individual firefighters and their crews. Evaluating, developing and implementing strategies that will lead to a change in the next generation, where safety is prioritized equally and effectively in controlling fires and saving lives.

Executive Board
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, Local 112