November 29, 2021
Bulletin 52 – 21


Dear Members,

Today UFLAC and the City appeared before the Los Angeles City Employee Relations Board to determine (1) whether the parties are at impasse and (2) whether UFLAC’s unfair practice claim can advance to a hearing. The ERB did not make any decision regarding impasse and, instead, continued the matter to the next ERB meeting in December. The ERB, however, did state that it would like the parties to meet before the next ERB meeting to determine the issues and to try and reach a resolution. The ERB also found that the majority of the other City Unions did reach impasse with the City. With regard to the unfair practice charge, the ERB agreed with UFLAC that the matter should go to hearing. The ERB will now assign a hearing officer and the parties will schedule dates thereafter.

The City has not yet been ordered to stop its unlawful unilateral implementation of new terms and conditions of employment. UFLAC is still fighting this issue in court as well as with the ERB. For now, UFLAC believes the City will continue moving forward with its plan.

In Solidarity,

UFLAC Executive Board