October 31, 2022
Bulletin 54 – 22



UFLAC is well aware of the fact that many of our members have been underpaid – some for up to two years.
We want our members to know that we have written two formal letters from our attorney to LAFD Chief Crowley on August 11, 2022 and September 1, 2022 informing the department of this unlawful delay.
The initial letter dated August 11, 2022, read in part:
“This letter represents UFLAC’s formal demand that the City promptly and expeditiously process all payments owed to UFLAC members, who must be fairly and timely compensated for the critical services they perform on a day-to-day basis for the City. If the City continues to delay, the Union is prepared to pursue legal action and seek all damages permitted by law, including liquidated damages.”
Since that time, we have officially reached out to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) requesting their legal support in this matter including, but not limited to, providing technical expertise and funding for a possible legal challenge.
We want our members to know that we are addressing this issue with the highest level of urgency and we will not stop fighting until these delinquent payment discrepancies are fixed.
Please contact UFLAC Director Rich Ramirez if you have any questions or comments regarding this issue.

In solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board