November 8, 2022
Bulletin 56 – 22



UFLAC has been informed by Martin Gutierrez, the Chairman of the independent UFLAC Elections Committee, that some members have reported that they did not receive their UFLAC Ballot in the mail. Per Chairman Gutierrez, the ballots were mailed out on October 28 and they should have been received at all members’ designated home addresses by now.

If you did NOT receive a UFLAC ballot, please reach out directly to Martin at:

[email protected]

Let him know your name and mailing address and a replacement ballot will be sent to you. All replacement ballots will be tracked against the original ballots that were sent out and received, so nobody will have the ability to “vote twice” and have their ballots counted.

California Elections, the independent election monitoring firm working on this process, has also been notified.

Again – anybody with questions should reach out to Elections Committee Chairman Martin Gutierrez or any other member of the Elections Committee.

In solidarity,
UFLAC Election Committee

In solidarity,
UFLAC Election Committee