November 23, 2022
Bulletin 59 – 22


To all UFLAC Local 112 members,

Now that the results of the initial UFLAC 2022 election have been announced, the UFLAC Election Committee has encountered a historical situation in our union’s history. The Election Committee members have reconvened to resolve this situation.

Article V (OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS) Section 8 of the UFLAC Constitution and By-Laws require the President to be elected by a 50% plus 1. This requirement was not met, therefore there will be a runoff for UFLAC President between the two top candidates Incumbent Freddy Escobar and Anthony Ferro.

The details for the runoff election are as follows:

Thursday, December 1, 2022 – Ballots will be mailed
Monday, December 19, 2022 – Ballots will be verified and counted 

Note; the new ballot will be required to be returned to the P.O. Box in its new color envelope. Mailing ballots back in a previously unused envelope will not be counted.

Please make sure your home address is updated with the UFLAC benefits office. To verify, feel free to stop by in person at 1571 Beverly Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90026 or contact the union office at 800-252-8352 or 213-977-9001.

If a ballot has not been received after a few days, please email election committee member Shane Hirsch at [email protected].

UFLAC Election Committee

UFLAC Election Committee members:

Martin Gutierrez (co-chair)
Frank Lima (co-chair)
Larry Lee
Ian Soriano
Dwight Sankey
Miguel Guerrero
Shane Hirsch