Bulletin 63-22 MEMBER BULLETIN

December 7, 2022
Bulletin 63 – 22



This bulletin provides an update regarding UFLAC’s efforts to remedy the Department’s failure to correctly pay bargaining unit members.

Many bargaining unit members are still waiting for the Department to increase their salaries based on promotions, 6th Step, wellness, education bonus, RIP, special duty/platoon duty, longevity, etc.  Or, where the Department has finally corrected the payment amount, it still has not paid unit members retroactively for all of the missed payments.  The Department has admitted that it owes these payments and it continues to blame backlog, staffing issues and payroll system problems.  UFLAC rejects all of these excuses: there is NO excuse to underpay unit members.  UFLAC lawyers and IAFF lawyers are currently working on a lawsuit.  Unfortunately, these types lawsuit take time to process through the legal system.  UFLAC shares your frustration and is trying to push this forward as fast as possible.  If you have not already done so, and if you believe you are underpaid, please notify UFLAC Director Richard Ramirez at rram[email protected] as soon as possible so we can include your claim.

UFLAC is also pushing the Department to immediately fix the issues they are having with implementing the new payroll system Workday.  These issues have caused the Department to freeze transfers and promotions or have led to underpayments to those who have transferred or promoted.  This is unacceptable.  There should have been a better plan to ensure a smooth transition to Workday without harm to the members.  UFLAC has been demanding accountability from both the Department and Workday – with both playing a blame game.  There is no time to deal with pointing the finger, so UFLAC arranged an emergency meeting with the Department, the City and Workday.  During that meeting, UFLAC was able to get all parties to admit to the problem and agree to expedite fixing it.  UFLAC has been informed that the Department has corrected Workday related issues for about 400 unit members, and has about 600 more.  UFLAC is pushing the Department to provide a specific time line for completion.  At UFLAC’s insistence, all parties agreed to have a follow-up meeting within 30 days.

We will continue to keep you up to date.

UFLAC Executive Board