February 9, 2024
Bulletin 11 – 24



The situations described below are intended to provide clarification to Bulletin 9-24:

  • If you are involuntarily forced to remain on duty past 0800 until you’re relieved, then you are entitled to a minimum of 12 overtime hours.
  • If you are not paid 12 hours, then contact UFLAC and file a grievance.
  • If you voluntarily hold over until relieved, or held over as a result of an incident, you shall be compensated overtime for actual hours worked.

In Solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board


UFLAC DUES                                                                          $1,603.20



Member only                                                                                 12.00

Member and one                                                                        408.00

Member and two or more                                                      1,020.00



Member only                                                                                    0.00

Member and one                                                                         432.24

Member and two or more                                                       1,153.92



Member only                                                                                   0.00

Member and one                                                                            0.00

Member and two or more                                                             0.00



Member only                                                                                     0.00

Member and one                                                                            11.60

Member and two or more                                                       1,666.64



Member only                                                                                    0.00

Member and one                                                                             0.00

Member and two or more                                                              0.00


For UFLAC Active Members only: The above deductions do not include any retroactive subsidy monies that you may have received. These calculations only apply if you were enrolled in the UFLAC Benefit Plans for the 2023 Calendar year. Please refer to your last paycheck for true calculations.


IMPORTANT NOTE: For UFLAC Active Members only who are enrolled in LTD & Life Insurance: If you are totally disabled and out of work for more than 90-days for the “Premium Plan” or 180-days for the “Standard Plan”, you may be eligible to apply for a Waiver of Premium through UFLAC Long Term Disability (LTD) and 6-months for Life Insurance. Please call the UFLAC Benefits Office for more details (213) 977-9014, extension 2.




RETIRED MEMBERS: Amounts listed below do not include Pension subsidy and the medical amounts are for non-Medicare age. Retired members do not pay UFLAC Dues.


Member only                                                                             $879.70

Two-Party                                                                                  1,270.68

Member and two or more                                                      1,893.80



Member only                                                                                868.02

Two-Party                                                                                   1,397.11

Member and two or more                                                       2,101.62



Member only                                                                                 517.80

Two or more (Family)                                                                   986.02


ANTHEM BLUE CROSS MEDICAL – Select (HMO) under age 65

Member only                                                                            13,731.31

Member and one                                                                     23,105.25

Member and two or more                                                      26,941.55



Member only                                                                             13,814.56

Member and one                                                                      15,110.45

Member and two or more                                                       17,049.19


If you are a retired member receiving a city health and dental subsidy, then you will need to adjust the above figures by the subsidy amount you have received. In this case, you may call the UFLAC Benefits office at (213)977-9014, extension 2.

February 6, 2024
Bulletin 10 – 24



We hosted our January General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, January 31st and covered a few important items.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the meeting. For those who were able to join us, you can click here to view a brief video message from UFLAC President Freddy Escobar with a recap of the main issues covered at the meeting.

In Solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board

February 6, 2024
Bulletin 9 – 24


Holding Over for Proper Relief

UFLAC recently became aware that certain Battalion Chiefs were holding members over past 0800, citing that the members were not able to go home until properly relieved. Shortly after learning of this new conduct, UFLAC served a “Cease and Desist” on the Department. Since then, your Executive Board has not been notified of any further holdovers as the conduct appears to have stopped.

Due to this incident, the UFLAC Executive Board wants to remind you of your rights related to proper relief. Specifically, if you are asked to holdover after 0800, you are entitled to at least 12 hours of overtime. This right was confirmed through an arbitration award won by UFLAC involving bargaining unit member FF Richard Casanova. In his ruling, the arbitrator reasoned that the act of involuntary overtime was a policy of last resort and therefore was meant to be costly to the Department. The result was a ruling that if a member is held over for proper relief, the Department is required to pay for at least 12 hours. Accordingly, members are advised that if you are held over for proper relief (not as a result of an incident), you should request to go home at 0800, and if denied, have the denial documented in the F-2 journal and immediately contact UFLAC and file a grievance.

This is the direction that needs to be taken to fairly compensate members for time taken away from their families to serve the citizens of Los Angeles, and this needs to be a reminder that the Department has failed to properly staff and provide the necessary resources, but instead continues to rely on the backs of the members that have already sacrificed so much.

In Solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board

February 2, 2024
Bulletin 8 – 24


In December 2023, IAFF attorneys were present at the UFLAC union hall for an update on our lawsuit regarding Payroll Discrepancies. During this time it was mentioned that there is still time to sign up for the lawsuit. If you were previously not paid correctly or currently not getting paid correctly this is your time to sign up before it is too late.  It is highly suggested that members look at their current pay stubs and human capital to make sure that you are getting paid correctly.

If you have signed up for this lawsuit in the past, UFLAC strongly encourages you to view the COMPLAINT to make sure that your name is currently listed on the lawsuit. Reminder the names listed on this original complaint was last updated in June of 2023. Any sign ups since then will not be on that complaint but will be updated from the IAFF attorneys and you will receive a confirmation once signed up. If your name is not on the complaint and you believe you did not submit your personal email, please call  or text 412-450-0052 to make sure you are included in the lawsuit and your personal email is correct.

Attorneys need:

  • Your name
  • EID
  • discrepancy and or discrepancies
  • Closes accurate dates
  • Personal email

You will receive a confirmation within a few days.  Please reach out if you have not received a confirmation within a week.

There will be a monthly update sent to all members on the status of this lawsuit.

Any questions please reach out to Director Rich Ramirez at 213-442-9771 or via email at [email protected].

In Solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board

January 24, 2024
Bulletin 7 – 24


Held March 13th & 14th at UFLAC

Every job comes with its own unique features and characteristics. The job of a Professional Firefighter is a highly sought after and well-respected position that comes with many demands. It is a challenging and exciting profession with opportunity for growth and development, but it also comes with distinct risks and stressors that simply do not exist in most other occupations. We recognize that there is a cumulative effect of the stressors that Firefighters face over the course of a career. The stress of any given call is simply different than the stress of other professions. This cumulative trauma is in addition to all the normal stress that comes with daily living, such as relationships and finances, which can and do impact mental health and overall wellbeing.

It has been found that Peer Support Programs are an especially effective approach to mitigating the impact of cumulative stress as well as creating an opportunity for members to talk with other members who have “been there themselves” and have received specialized training in Peer Support.

United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, Local 112 is excited to be able to offer the IAFF Two-Day Peer Support Training on Wednesday, March 13 & Thursday, March 14, 2024, from 9:00am until 5:00pm. To receive certification, you will need to attend both days. If you are interested in assisting your Brothers and Sisters on the job, this training will give you tools to be able to actively listen, provide important information and support, as well as become that bridge for a member in need to help them receive the professional assistance that they may need but may be hesitant to reach out for on their own.

If you are thinking about becoming a Peer Support Team member, we know that you are most likely an individual who is a natural helper. Members may already be talking with you about personal and professional concerns. Our objective is to provide you with tools and resources to assist you with this effort.

The Two-Day training is an interactive course that will be presented by experienced Peers and Clinicians who currently work/or have worked in the Fire Service. The focus of the training will be on active listening skills, suicide awareness and prevention, crisis intervention, referrals to local resources, and relationships with local behavioral health providers.

In preparation for the two-day training, there is an online, self-paced IAFF Behavioral Health Awareness course that each participant will need to complete prior to the workshop. It is information that is specific to the Fire Service. A link will be emailed to you so that you can complete the online course prior to the training.

If you are interested in taking this two-day training, please let us know so that we can have enough materials for everyone. To receive the certification, each participant will need to complete the full two days of training.

To sign-up for the training, Please RSVP to Tiffany Zamora at [email protected] by Monday, February 26, 2024.

Hope to see you at the training!

Hugo Catalan Jr. AMFT #133892, CATC IV
Director of Behavioral Health
UFLAC Center for Health and Wellness

January 23, 2024
Bulletin 5 – 24


Westchester Medical Closing

As some of you may be aware, Westchester Medical will be closing as of February 16, 2024.

UFLAC is in active talks with city officials to provide alternate locations where our members can receive their comprehensive physical exams and will keep you updated with any new information.

Feel free to contact any executive board member with any questions about this matter.

In Solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board

January 11, 2024
Bulletin 4 – 24


As you know, our current UFLAC MOU with the City will end on June 30, 2024.

Now that the New Year is here, your UFLAC Negotiating Team will begin the process of establishing formal communications with the City regarding negotiations and we want your involvement and input.

All members who are interested in being a part of the Negotiations Committee, please inform us of your desire to serve. In addition, we still welcome ideas and suggestions from all members for our new contact.

If you have interest in being on the committee, or have ideas and suggestions for negotiations, please click HERE to communicate your message.

The final Negotiating Committee will be established by January 23, 2024 and will be committed to participate in contract negotiations with the team, over the next five months.

In solidarity,
UFLAC Negotiating Team

Adam Walker
Chuong Ho
Scott Lazar
John Frye

January 10, 2024
Bulletin 3 – 24



Dear Members,

Your UFLAC Executive Board would like to thank the following members that have taken the necessary steps to become a Station Steward:

Chris Thyfault              FS 9-B
Mark Hatcher              FS 25-A
Zach Sweeney             FS 11-C
Paul Jeremica              FS 37-C
Ray Covarrubias          FS 83-B
Eric Ingstad                 FS 90-B
Rigo Arellano              FS 99-C
Jonith “JJ” Johnson     FS 114-B
Scott Lazar                   FS 86-B
Steve Addleman          FS 97-B
Tommy Bashara          FS 102-B
Chris Pohl                    FS 8-A
Jon Fowler                   FS 84-B
Tony Gaj                      FS 106-C
Mark McLean              FS 48-C
Jason Teter                  FS 110-B
Brock Bowden             FS 111-A
Bob Medrano              FS 15-B
Hiroshi Haskett           FS 33-C
Arran Dahlberg           FS 65-B
Jorge Gomez               MFC-A
Ted Chambers             FPB-WIU
Brent Kneisler             FPB-VFP
Kevin Clarke                Arson

These Stewards either attended the General Membership meeting last month, or attended one of two Stewards Zoom meetings. Please ask these members about the information they obtained during these meetings.

This is only the beginning. We are still recruiting more Stewards as we want every station to have a Steward getting and sharing the facts to the members at the stations.

Please reach out to a committee member below if you are interested in becoming a Steward.

Ryan Quigley, Chair (213) 810-1266
Kent Koffler (626) 818-9006
Doug Coates (818) 468-5445

In solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board


January 5, 2024
Bulletin 2 – 24



Dear Members,

We have been notified by the City Administrative Officer (CAO) that the annual excess sick time cash-out for all sworn members is scheduled to be paid on the January 24, 2024 paycheck.

In solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board