2021 Awards for UFLAC Fire Foundation Grants and Scholarships

Bulletin 20-21

July 26, 2021

2021 AWARDS FOR 2021

United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Fire Foundation

Grants and Scholarships

The United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Fire Foundation (UFLACFF) Grant and Scholarship Program provides educational assistance to fire service members and their immediate families.  In May of 2021, notices were sent out to firefighters via bulletins and email.  Twenty-one applications were received at the conclusion of the one-month application period.  The applications were reviewed, and all identifying information of the applicants was “REDACTED” prior to being sent and reviewed by the Foundation Board to ensure anonymity.  The Grants were funded by voluntary donations from the community; a member of the community participated in the initial review of the awards.  Awards granted were based on the information provided by the candidates.  Since the selection criteria were broad in scope, consideration was given for applicants in non-traditional scholarship grant programs.  The donors to the program wanted to reach out to those who just needed a “hand-up” or “support” to improve their lives and the lives of others.  The initial announcement of the $10,000 award was increased to $1,500 by The Greenspan Company/Adjusters International based on the application’s sincerity and need.

Awards included grants for higher education, trade school, tools for welding school, home school support (especially with COVID challenges), comitology school, etc.     The UFLACFF grants and scholarships awards mid-year 2021:

Two – $2,000 grants/scholarship

Matt David Pritchard – son Long Beach FD

Taylor Escobar – daughter LAFD

Four –  $1,000 grants/scholarships

Serena Nettles – step daughter LAFD

Lael G Williams – daughter LAFD

Carrie J Kehoe – daughter LAFD

Antonia S Felix – daughter LAFD

SEVEN (increased by three) – $500 grants/scholarships

Payton Springer – daughter LAFD

Maverick Teter – son LAFD (home school program)

Francesca M Lauro – daughter LAFD

Rebecca Lee – daughter LAFD

Austin D Ladd – son LAFD

Kylie D Elizarras – daughter LAFD

Tatiana A Johnson – daughter LAFD




Congratulations to the recipients of the awards, and special thanks to all those who applied for the awards to the program.  The Foundation has received enough funds for an additional round of grants later this year.   Applicant must be an active firefighter, or a dependent of an active firefighter, wishing to further their education, or in need of assistance with tuition, books, materials, trade-specific tools or equipment, internet access, etc.

*An active firefighter or his or her immediate family member is eligible for an Award Grant once every 12-month period.

Special thank you to the Foundation Board and the main Education Grant sponsors & our supporters!


Major Sponsors:


  • Matthew and Miho Blumkin – The Blumkin Family Foundation
  • Ed Avaness – Miller Kaplan
  • Jennifer Lincicum – Fickewirth
  • Aaron Straussner & Julie Sherman
  • UFLAC Fire Foundation
  • Brian and Mary Anne Hishinuma – Retired – LAFD



Jimmy Blackman & Associates

Sandra Jackson – Greenspan Co./Adjusters International

Maria Riggs – UFLAC

Chris Wann – UFLAC

UFLAC Executive Board


The reward for the sponsors is the rewards presented.  Thanks for your participation!