August 25, 2021

Bulletin 24-21

UFLAC Continues to Meet and Confer with City over Vaccine Mandate

Local 112 Members,

On Tuesday, August 24, the UFLAC Negotiating Committee had an official meet and confer with designated LA City negotiators to address the recently passed LA City Ordinance regarding a vaccine mandate.

At this meeting, UFLAC President Freddy Escobar, 1st Vice President Chuong Ho, Treasurer Domingo Albarran, Secretary Adam Walker, and our attorney Dana Martinez continued to express our position that whereas UFLAC supports vaccination, we DO NOT support a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. A decision to get a vaccine should not be a condition of employment that could lead to penalties including, but not limited to, termination, for LAFD firefighters. No decision was reached.

We are in the process of scheduling another meet and confer in the next couple of weeks.

UFLAC will keep you posted on our progress, and we want for all of our members to know that we are fighting on your behalf every single day.

In Solidarity,
Freddy Escobar
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City