June 12, 2023
Bulletin 28 – 23




REMINDER – All UFLAC bargaining unit members who feel that they have not been paid correctly and/or in a timely manner by the City must opt in to the UFLAC lawsuit by June 23, 2023. This includes failure by the City to pay amounts owed retroactively and currently.  These payments may include the following:

•    Step Increases
•    Longevity
•    Promotions
•    Wellness
•    RIP
•    Special Duty/Platoon Duty
•    Education Bonus
•    Driver bonus
•    FF II advancement to FF III
•    Paramedic bonus
•    Driver bonus
•    Bilingual bonus
•    EMT bonus
•    Transfers (special duty to platoon duty) vice versa
•    USAR bonus
•    Hazmat bonus
•    Fire Prevention bonus

The IAFF has joined UFLAC to file and pursue a lawsuit in an attempt to make our bargaining unit members whole for unpaid and owed payments.  If the City owes you compensation in the categories listed above and if you would like to be included in the lawsuit, you must affirmatively opt in.

Members must opt in to this lawsuit by June 23, 2023. You will not automatically be in the lawsuit without taking the steps necessary to opt in.

There will be no upfront cost to any member who joins the lawsuit.  All you will need to do is come to UFLAC office (1571 Beverly Blvd) and sign a retainer and fill out a brief questionnaire Monday through Friday 0800-1400.

Please reach out to UFLAC Director Richard Ramirez at [email protected] or 213-442-9771 if you have any questions about this matter.


In Solidarity,

Executive Board
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City