November 17, 2021
Bulletin 48 – 21


Dear Members,

We have been informed that the Department will begin to serve notices of non-compliance very soon – maybe this week.  If you receive this notice and if you are asked questions relating to the notice, compliance with the vaccine mandate, or your vaccination status, we encourage you to ask for Union representation before answering questions.

The notice of non-compliance informs those who are not vaccinated and who did not request a medical or religious exemption that they have 48 hours to submit an exemption through Bluestone or sign the Notice accepting the terms of employment between now and December 18.  If UFLAC bargaining unit members who receive this notice fail to do either, the Chief warns they will be placed on unpaid leave and can use CTO.  If you are placed on unpaid leave, please notify UFLAC so that we may assist you and monitor how the City is implementing the vaccine mandate.

In Solidarity,

UFLAC Executive Committee