November 10, 2023
Bulletin 57 – 23



On November 7th, UFLAC Board Members attended the LAFD Fire Commission meeting to speak on a couple of agenda items and to give general public comment about the ongoing payroll problems and discrepancies that continue affecting our members and their families.

UFLAC First Vice President Chuong Ho spoke in regards to the proposed 2024-2025 Fiscal Year Budget for the LAFD, highlighting some of UFLAC’s priorities and urging the Fire Commission Board to support a fully funded fire department.

Secretary Adam Walker spoke next and informed the Fire Commissioners of the payroll issues that have been affecting our members since 2021. His comments included:

UFLAC will not rest until every single one of our Firefighters is paid correctly because the men and women of the LAFD who risk their lives every day deserve better.”

Director Rich Ramirez concluded by sharing the personal stories of how these pay issues are having a tremendous impact on our members and their families.

To see a video of the meeting, and public comment from all three UFLAC Executive Board Members, click LAFD Fire Commission 11-7-23 and go to the 1:20:00 mark.

We will continue to keep you updated with our actions related to the ongoing payroll problems.

In Solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board