November 21, 2023
Bulletin 61 – 23



To all members:


The membership has reported various discrepancies regarding the proper inventory of all medications and supplies as required by LA County DHS (specifically ALS inventory ref. 703).

We have all been aware of the supply shortages over the last year or more but have been notified by Medical Supplies that there is no current medication shortages reported.

We are asking all members to:

  1. Inventory your supplies to ensure that there are no current EXPIRED medications that are in a front-line capacity. If you find yourself short, immediately notify your EMS Captain. Reach out to a UFLAC EMS Committee member if this isn’t resolved in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Re-evaluate your EMS supply stock. Make a conscious effort to rotate medications and supplies using the oldest medication lot first.
  3. Re-evaluate your ordering and inventory methods. Several stations have found boxes of unused stock hidden away in lofts/above lockers. Many of the current members had no idea that these products were stowed away.
  4. Track your inventory to ensure that you have ALL the needed items including lesser used medications of Ketorolac and Olanzapine. An ALS RA should carry all of these medications as listed in ref. 703.
  5. Ensure that medications and medical supplies are properly documented on your ePCR. This will aide in getting the appropriate amount of supplies allotted to your station.

Battalion 1 is performing a trial program to have a centralized restocking mechanism in place to remove the responsibility away from the members. This program is being established by our own field members and will be done in a flexible and data driven manner. Supply levels will be adjusted as the needs change. Hopefully, this trial is successful and it removes the burden of the ordering and inventory control of the members as well as the headaches of not having the proper supplies.

In Solidarity,
UFLAC EMS Committee