Peer Support Webinar – Continuing the Conversation


May 13, 2020

Bulletin 21-20

Continuing the Conversation: A Message to Our Fire Families


To our members and our families:

As many of you know, UFLAC and the LAFD jointly conducted the very first Family Webinar on April 14, 2020. Together, the Union President and the Fire Chief began this conversation. There was a panel of Peer Supporters, a well-qualified and vetted nurse, as well as Dr. Steve to discuss the physical and behavioral health aspects of the COVID-19 environment that we are all being impacted by at the present time.

We understand that our Firefighters are on the front lines of this worldwide pandemic. A unique feature of this crisis is that it not only impacts our Firefighters, but also our families at home. We wanted to make sure that we were addressing our families to provide important information and to offer an opportunity to ask questions directly to our leaders and subject matter experts.

Based upon the feedback that we have been receiving, we realize that we need to continue the conversation. Not just about the COVID-19 situation, but we also need to open the dialogue with our loved ones regarding the subjects that are on the minds of our family members. We would like your input and suggestions for topics that we can address in future webinars.

Please look at the list below and submit your top 3 selections to Maria Rendon at [email protected] or use form below.

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Thank you again for your participation and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

Take Care,

Your Peer Support Team